Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Hampshire Looks at Creating a State Guard II

There has been significant opposition to the creation of a New Hampshire State Defense Force in the New Hampshire state Assembly, primarily from "liberals". Their main objection seems
to be a perception that either the state of New Hampshire is most unlikely to be invaded, or that so called "tin foil hat" type "militia" will join and take the defense force over.

While it must be admitted that the last time New Hampshire faced invasion was the War of 1812, that has no bearing on current international conditions. With the various state National Guards seeing repeated long term deployments to the Middle East, increased threats from terrorists and probable hostile and organized military groups from Central and South America, I, for one, would not make a 25 year bet against military violence on our soil.

As for the 'Tin Foil Hat" folks, I don't see most them being able to organize themselves, much less take over a state government agency.

Is there another reason for this opposition that I have missed?

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